Wealth Insights

Mar 2024 - Till Date

Associated with: Standard Chartered Bank

Preview: Development Phase

Revamping existing wealth insights with refreshed UI and deep analytics for serving customers more better in wealth management.

  • Involved in LLD (Low-level-designs)
  • Mentoring peers developers to resolve intricacies while development
  • Crafting pixel-perfect, SEO optimized, high-performance components
  • Communicating technical debt to Product Owners and stakeholders for aligning expectations
  • Developing refreshed UI components as per Figma Designs and adhering to chapter standards
  • Creating robust, Rest APIs with required and only to have data structure for frontend consumption
  • Actively involved in hands-on coding, contributing directly to project development phases within agile framework

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Wealth CMS

Nov 2022 - Till Date

Associated with: Standard Chartered Bank

Preview: Publicly Unavailable (Internal Application)

Implemented an automated solution to streamline Fund Tearsheets publication, transforming a previously manual and time-consuming process. This automation, part of our internal wealth initiative, reduced manual intervention and improved publication speed by x3, using real-time data from MorningStar. This multi-market application supports diverse languages, enhancing accessibility and usability.

  • Implementing collaborative editing support using webRTC protocol
  • Iteratively improving processes, supporting multilingual markets and features
  • Communicating technical debt to Product Owners and stakeholders, aligning expectation
  • Developing complex modules to reduce manual workload and increase operational efficiency by 300%
  • Maintaining a clean codebase adhering to defined standards leading to 40% reduction in bugs
  • Leveraging WordPress block editors for efficient content updates and TCPDF for PDF generations
  • Collaborating with cross-functional team to streamline development intricacies and enhance automation
  • Creating robust and performance optimized Rest APIS with only to required data structure for easy frontend consumption

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Mutual Funds Library

Nov 2021 - Till Date

Associated with: Standard Chartered Bank

Preview: https://sc.com/sg/investment/funds

Revamped from legacy infrastructure, our Mutual Funds Library represents a pivotal wealth initiative, empowering investors to make informed decisions through real-time fund comparison and MorningStar's up-to-date data. Deep micro-analytics enhance our understanding of investor behaviours. This multi-market, pre-login library is designed as a Progressive Web App (PWA), offering multilingual support for diverse market segments. Reducing operation costs by 70% and integrating bank managed internal platform.

  • Involved and Directed HLD and LLD
  • Conducting comprehensive code reviews and spearheaded project deployments
  • Managing compliance with local regulations and working in tandem with SEO experts
  • Selecting and led project development from inception (Gatsby, React JS, Redux, GraphQL, WordPress)
  • Implemented CI/CD pipelines and introduced PWA functionality to enhance user experience
  • Created robust REST and GraphQL APIs with only to have data structure for easy frontend consumption
  • Mentoring junior and peer senior developers for smooth project workflow and skill enhancement
  • Leveraging deep analytics for lead acquisition and collaborated closely with the CIO funds team
  • Engineered and developed project since inception ensuring adherence to coding standards and best practices
  • Demonstrated effective communication with product owners and cross-functional teams for effective development

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Retail Banking Web Global Platform

Aug 2020 - Nov 2021

Associated with: Standard Chartered Bank

Preview: https://sc.com/sg/

Initially, I led initiatives focused on Retail Banking sector for Hong Kong market, engaging stakeholders and developing responsive modules which included calculators, banners, etc. as per UI provided. Subsequently, I transitioned to a larger team where I looked majorly for APAC and AME Markets.

  • Involved in LLD (Low-Level Design)
  • Tasked with revamping jump-start web platform sections/modules to defined web standards as per our chapter
  • Implemented modules as per design system, adhering to defined coding standards and methodologies
  • Writing unit test cases for JavaScript based modules, minimizing code errors
  • Implementing Adobe analytics as per defined TSD, ensuring accessibility, SEO optimization
  • Enabling AT, A/B cases for fast paced digital campaigns
  • Ensured documentation updates for both new and existing teams
  • Collaborated extensively with cross-functional teams (25+ members) and maintaining digital repositories
  • Supported multilingual/local language market versions, including RTL scenarios.

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Multi Vendor e-commerce platform

Jan 2018 - Apr 2020

Associated with: Freelancer

Preview: https://hashstar.in/

Developed multi vendor e-commerce platform from scratch with admin dashboard support for sales and financial analysis, stocks management, vendor onboarding, logistics management and tracking. Created APIs to be in sync with mobile apps for vendor stocks management and product uploads. Highly responsive and SEO friendly for local market.

  • Integrated CDN, SMS, E-mail, Payment Gateway APIs
  • Developed platform from scratch for performance, SEO Optimized versions and cache mechanisms
  • End-to-end cart checkout process (Order placement, tracking, cancellation)
  • Integrated platform with Cloudflare for CDN and prevention from security attacks
  • Embedded google analytics to understand customer, demographics more better
  • Developed admin dashboard with utmost security and linking dashboard APIs with Hashstar seller mobile apps
  • Integration of CI/CD pipelines to appropriate UAT/Production servers
  • Maintaining code with industry standard, documenting wherever necessary for new team members
  • Using Hybrid Databases where MySQL for transactions and MongoDB for cataloging

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