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I #craft, #build, #customize, #architect, #optimize web based apps with enterprise level standards of performance, security and usability.
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Akshay Shrivastav

Honing over 8 years of experience in developing scalable web applications, this coding enthusiasm awoke in diploma final year of 2014 and instead of buying a project i thought of crafting and building it. My career began as a freelancer in December 2015, post my internship marking a pivotal turning point. Wearing several hats over years as an individual contributor, team collaborator, technical consultant, an entrepreneur and most notably Full Stack Web Developer. I've contributed to several small to mid sized organizations/startups, collaborating with diverse, talented engineers across globe who added value to my development journey.
I like engaging in projects which require engineering, proof-of-concept, fast-paced development utilizing best business-fit technologies. Leading application engineering efforts and driving enterprise-level solutions for small and mid-sized projects that require using of microservices and scalable design patterns. I have a proficiency in leading teams, conducting code reviews and production deployments. I love writing clean code and continuously eliminating technical debt through ongoing improvements. I do attend several open-source/tech events to learn and grow in developers community.
Outside my professional pursuits, i am an active participant in sports and adventure activities. I enjoy swimming, bike riding, skydiving, practicing martial arts and maintaining a regular workout routine.